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Baby Breastfeeding

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Goldie Winston, RN  BSN, IBCLC 

Goldie is a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Goldie received her RN/BSN at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Prior to becoming an IBCLC, she worked as a NICU RN and postpartum nurse for years at several major metro Atlanta area hospitals. 


After the birth of her first daughter in 2018, Goldie experienced difficulties with latch and low supply, which prompted her to make an appointment with lactation consultant. In 2019, she became certified as  an IBCLC. In addition, to founding Peachtree Lactation, Goldie also continues her work as an NICU RN at Northside Hospital. Keep Reading 

Expert Lactation Consulting Services

Goldie specializes in breastfeeding services across the greater Atlanta area.


It's no surprise breastfeeding is often considered as one of those things that naturally occurs for a new mother and her baby, but the truth is that things can be far more difficult. Goldie helps make this a reality by addressing low breast milk supply, breast and nipple pain, pumping, tongue tie assessment, and more. 

Happy Baby

Proud To Have Trained and Worked..

Goldie has served the greater Atlanta area supporting the NICU at Northside Hospital.
Goldie received her RN BSN at Johns Hopkins.
Goldie has a wealth of experience as an IBLC from Atlanta Lactation

Happy Breastfeeding Parent = Happy Baby

Family Feedback

Goldie has been consistently knowledgeable, thorough, available, and encouraging as I learned to navigate breastfeeding as a new mom. She has had amazing tips for optimal positioning, increasing milk supply, how to easily interchange breast and bottle, and how to figure out a feeding/sleeping schedule that works for our lives while maximizing milk production. She was not pushy or judgmental and did not recommend any unnecessary procedures.

Goldie was able to provide in-home lactation support the day after we arrived home from the hospital, and that night, I had a full write- up of our plan/recommendations. Goldie also completed a second in- home consult following his frenectomy to provide latch support. She also emailed a revised treatment plan to follow and readily made herself available for updates and questions.

Goldie was our lactation consultant and she was nothing but amazing! My baby had lip and tongue tie which made breastfeeding challenging. Goldie on the very first visit identified the issue , recommended us to an amazing specialist who treated both lip and tongue tie on the same day of the visit. Immediately after the procedure my baby started feeding like a champion. Goldie visited us frequently till we had a good grasp with our breastfeeding and pumping regimen and till our baby showed signs of weight gain and general progress.

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